10 Boudoir Locations To Try

When people book boudoir photoshoots, it’s not always just one style, one location, one set of poses and other elements that go into a boudoir shoot. That’s why each boudoir photoshoot is personalised and custom per boudoir person. There are several elements in a boudoir shoot that you can personalise together with your boudoir photographer. Here are 10 boudoir locations to try, both outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor Boudoir Locations


Beach Boudoir Photoshoot

Beach boudoir is a popular choice among many people who choose to have an outdoor boudoir photo shoot.

You have plenty of natural light, open space, and the amazing water of the ocean plus the sand to include in your boudoir shoot. On top of that, you get the effect of the sea breeze to get that wind effect.

Check out these beach boudoir photos that look breathtaking!

Boudoir Photography by the Beach | Min Xu Photography

Rainforest Photoshoot

Fortunately, for tropical countries like Australia, there is the option to explore different outdoor locations when it comes to having a boudoir photoshoot. A photoshoot done in a forest with lots of greens and maybe even the addition of a river gives you lots of opportunities to explore concepts like the photos below.

The massive amount of greenery and earth colours open up the chance to focus on your body more and really have that contrast with the colour of the forest setting around you. 

Pool Boudoir Photoshoot

If you don’t want to shoot in a more natural setting, you can still have an outdoor photoshoot in a pool. Play with different ideas and involve being underwater to make the boudoir shoot all the more exciting.

Pool boudoir photoshoots, when done right, can become one of the most exciting things to do. First of all, if you are not that open to doing your shoot out in the open and in public, a pool shoot can be your middle ground between outdoor and while still having that sense of privacy.

cropped DSC0402

Countryside or Farm Boudoir Photoshoot

If you’re into that very farm and country vibe, a countryside or farm boudoir photo shoot may just be the thing for you.

This type of location gives you the opportunity to add more props like maybe a big motorbike, a horse, explore outfits and maybe put a leather jacket on.

Indoor Boudoir Photoshoot Locations

boudoir photographer

Bathtub/Shower Photoshoot

Water is a beautiful element to add to any boudoir photoshoot. Depending on the skill of your boudoir photographer in his/her craft and in coaching you with the poses, a boudoir photoshoot done in the bathtub or shower can look even sexier.

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu

On top of that, you can also play with the effect of steam when inside the shower to add a more, literally, steamy effect to your boudoir photo. Add some petals to a bathtub and you’ve got a romantic shoot whether that’s just for you or maybe a couple boudoir shoot.

Mirror Boudoir Photoshoot

Play with the idea of seeing yourself in sexy lingerie through a mirror. Love what you see and live in that moment.

A boudoir shoot can be done with a mirror or a set of mirrors. The idea of seeing a different version of yourself can be communicated through a boudoir photo that literally captures you doing just that.

AH 21 2

Chaise Lounger Photoshoot

A chaise lounge in a boudoir studio like The Studio FNQ by Min Xu Photography is a great place to capture an amazing boudoir photo. With the right boudoir photographer, you can rest assured that you would be having the photoshoot of your life posing on a chaise lounger.

Studio 11

Bed Photoshoot

The most common venue for an indoor photoshoot is a nicely styled bed. Feel your most natural sensual self when posing on a bed, much like the bed over at The Studio by Min Xu Photography. Work with your boudoir photographer about posing styles and facial expressions and you’ve got yourself a killer boudoir photo. 

Stairs/Staircase Photoshoot

Dare to make it exciting indoors? Try an indoor boudoir photoshoot with a nice staircase that adds a bit of drama.
Don’t be afraid to literally take it to the next level with your boudoir photographer and make the most out of your boudoir photoshoot.

Couple Boudoir Photography

Doorway Photoshoot

You’d be surprised to know that even a simple doorway can be a nice location for an indoor photoshoot. With the right angles and poses, you can look mysterious and sexy all at the same time.

Have you decided on your boudoir location yet?
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