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I am a wanderlust Aries girl who escaped from the kidnap of morals and values of Chinese society. I quit my 9-6 job in Shanghai one year after graduating from university and backpacked through Asia, Europe and North Africa alone. I developed my photography interest during this 4-month backpacking trip.

After this trip, I realised I couldn’t live without camera any more, so I taught myself photography. One year later, I was rated as “Excellent Regional Photographer” by Visual China Group, the largest stock image and media footage provider in China. And my work was published on Lonely Planet magazine. 

As a frequent traveller, I am fascinated by people and culture. So I love capturing people and telling the stories and personalities of them. My biggest fulfilment is making people who have never been professionally photographed comfortable and confident in front of my camera, and feeling their happiness and surprise when they see the images delivered by me. 

Having been travelling and working in different countries in the past 2 years, I came to a small town up north in Australia called Cairns. I fell in love with this city and decided to relocate here and recharge myself in the meantime.

Having this travel bug in my body, I am open for traveling for work assignments across Australia or abroad.

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