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Being brought up in the conservative Chinese society, we, especially females, are always judged what we wear and how we look.

My mom never thought I was good looking, and she wanted me to wear push-up bras because I have small boobs 😂 and she wanted me to wear makeup and dress up well because “you will be more attractive”… She would even buy me dresses which she thought were nice… Unfortunately the expectations of society on us women and the wrong people around us make us upset. I’m glad I didn’t stay home and chose my own path and people I want to be around with.

That judgement and negtive comments on us makes lots of women ashamed of their bodies. And of course I was one of them. Everyone feels self-conscious about their body from time to time. Fortunately I chose to challenge myself to be on the other side of the camera and get a boudoir shoot done and that was life changing.

I’m sure you’ve heard me saying “all bodies are beautiful” a million times, and I’m also sure that half the time you were super inspired and the other half of the time you eye rolled so hard that your contacts got lost in your brain. After all, human beings are fragile creatures at times.

However, when you realize, and really take to heart, that so much of the things you worry about are unnecessary, then you’ll really feel so much better about yourself.

I’ve met so many people who are already beautiful but they feel they have to live up to the wild beauty standards that society has set.

However, I think beauty is how you choose to present yourself. What I’m doing is to capture your confidence and your personality through tasteful and intimate photos. For more stories please read here.

I have extensive experience in photography and understand how being photographed works as I myself had a few boudoir sessions.

Trust me, when you see yourself so beautiful and sexy in the photos, you’ll become addicted.

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