Who’s the photographer behind lens?

A short summary of my experience, training and passion for photography.

I am an experienced professional photographer who has worked with many customers all over the world as I travel a lot. I specialize in portrait, boudoir & lingerie and lifestyle. I have completed more than 200 shoots all over the world. As a traveling photographer, I am able to connect well with customers from all backgrounds and capture the best of them.

How did I get started with photography?

Not like what you normally hear from other photographers: “I haven been interested in photography since I was a kid…” In my case, it was a coincidence, but also a destiny. developed my photography interest when I quit job and backpacked through Asia, Europe and North Africa. After the 4-month backpacking trip, I realized that I couldn’t live without camera any more. So I taught myself photography. One year later, I was rated as “Excellent Regional Photographer” by Visual China Group, the largest stock image and mdeia footage provider in China. And you can see my work on Lonely Planet magazine

What do I love about my job?

As a frequent traveler, I am facinated by people and culture. To me, one photo is one story. My biggest fulfilment is making people who have never had professional photo session comfortable and confident in front of my camera, and feeling their happiness and surprise when they see the images delivered by me. 

What type of shoots do I enjoy doing the most? Why?

Boudoir photography is my favorite catrgory because I like the beauty of human body. By doing boudoir photography, I can help customers to build confidence and realize how beautiful they can be. I recommend that everyone should consider a boudoir photo session.

What types of shoots have I done and how did I make them special?

I have done mostly portrait, boudoir, model portfolio, lifestyle and a few weddings as well. I think customer experience is the most important during a photo shoot. The best photos are captured when they are comfortable, relaxed and natural. 

So I usually start the shoot by talking about some common interests or customers’ interests to break the ice. During the shoot, apart from giving directions in a fun engaging way, I also like to chat with my clients. The more I know about them, the more I can express their personalities through the images.