Why everyone should consider a boudoir photo session?

For many of us, just thinking of being in front of a camera can cause serious anxiety. At one point or another, we’ve all thought that we are not pretty enough, not slim enough, not tall enough, so on and so forth. 

I tell you what, I was there too. Even though I’m a photographer myself, I didn’t like being photographed, not even selfie. I didn’t like my face and I thought I wasn’t lean. A random person or not-so-good photographer would just make me feel worse about myself.

One day a photographer contacted me on Instagram. He said that I looked exotic and had nice figure. He asked if I was interested in a boudoir photo session. I had known boudoir photography long time ago and was even offered one session by a renowned boudoir photographer a few years back. But I declined. “What, boudoir photography? I’m not sexy at all. That’s for sexy and gorgeous western girls.” I was at my early 20s. As a Chinese girl, I wasn’t confident because I didn’t have big boobs and big butt – I thought that’s all sexy about. 

When a boudoir photographer contacted me, I changed my mind. That time I was cutting – I used to go to gym every day. I thought it would be nice to see the progress of myself working out hard to achieve the dream body. And as a self-taught photographer, I wanted to know how other photographers work. So I said yes.

Here’s the experience I want to share with you and tell you how powerful boudoir photography can be.

1. It gave me the motivation to become a better me.
In order to get prepared for the big day and present the best of myself, I worked out even harder and was very strict on diet. I became more self-disciplined and could concentrate on what I really wanted to achieve – it wasn’t just the dream body. As time went by, I realized that self discipline has been integrated in my blood.

2. It’s a chance for all bodies to feel empowered and incredible.
I have to admit that in the first 20 minutes of the photo session I was nervous – I didn’t know how I looked like in front of camera. But he kept saying: “You look like you spend all of your time in the gym!” “You should be proud of yourself!” “Right there. I love that pose and expression.” And that, indeed made me feel I was astoundingly gorgeous and sexy. I forgot how I used to think of myself being ugly and fat.

3. I feel appreciated and love myself more now.
After seeing the final photos, I couldn’t believe it. Was that me? My butt isn’t that small and I have curves too! I showed the photos to some of my close friends, and they started calling me “hey sexy”. After the first boudoir photo session, I had another one a couple of weeks later with another photographer, and another one, and another one… I can’t stop it now, lol.

Seeing images of myself looking confident and sexy really changed how I felt about myself. What’s more importantly, it changed how I chose to present myself in daily life. Now I hear all the time people telling me that I’m attracted. Believe it or not, now a lot of photographers contact me to model for them.

4. I found a unique way to express myself.
Boudoir photography is an intimate thing. I took a second thought before making the decision of doing the shoot. After all, the photographer was a guy whom I had never met before.

In the beginning of the photo session, I felt awkward wearing only lingerie in front of him. As time went by, I could let my guard down and finally express who I really was. Being captured at that moment in front of a stranger can be an act of body liberation.

Being brought up in the conservative Chinese society, it was a huge step for me.

Having had benefit from boudoir photography myself, I decided to become a boudoir photographer and empower more people, not just women. Everyone deserves it!

“Oh my god, is that me? I feel like a model and celebrity. In fact, I don’t have to live up to the wild beauty standards that society has set.” – Lucky from China

“The scar reminds me of having my daughter and bringing her up alone. Who says women have to be a fragile thing? Everyone likes the photos you took of me. All my friends are asking!” – Lulu from China

“I love you, Min. They are the most beautify photos in my life.” – Katy from Ukraine

“Wow, thank you very much for this experience. I’m very grateful.” – Jeremy from Switzerland

“My Dear you are some miraculous worker. Every-time I look at those pictures, I hardly believe that this is me. Honey THANK YOU, for that miracle!!! I absolutely love it and ask for more cause it is just phenomenal.” – Aga from Poland

“Very impressive. The lighting is very magical and enhanced my muscles. You make me love my body more!” – Aitor from Spain

Thinking to spend massive dollars on beauty and luxurious products to make yourself look good and attractive? You are the mirror of yourself. If you feel beautiful and sexy, you are beautiful and sexy.

A few hundred dollars on a boudoir photo session can make a perfect gift for someone who’s on their own journey of self-discovery and body positivity. We all should appreciate ourselves. The experience itself and the resulting images can be a lifelong gift for yourself.

I know it might be a whole new world for you. I have something special for everyone.