Boudoir photography is something that I am passionate about. I put my craft and effort into this art form and I believe that I am good in what I do. However, don’t take my word for it. Check out the reviews from our previous boudoir photography clients.

Megan - Lingerie Photography


When I first saw Min’s photos I was captivated by their beauty and I instantly related to what she had written. As a woman I have found it challenging to be happy with my body and I never thought I’d feel confident enough to be photographed.

My biggest doubts and concerns going ahead were that I would not meet my own expectations of how I would like to look. I believed that I wouldn’t end up liking the photos, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. It turned out the hardest decision was choosing which ones I loved the most.

Seeing my photos has made me feel so happy and confident. I know my partner and I are going to cherish them for a very long time to come. 

If you have an interest in doing this for yourself please consider it further and maybe just go for it. You have nothing to lose.  I took it as a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, push aside my doubts and just say ‘Yes!’ 

Of course I was nervous but the moment I met my friendly makeup artist all my nerves were pushed aside and I felt great. I’d never had my makeup done professionally before and that was indeed a highlight for me.

Min is an amazingly talented photographer and it was such a pleasure to have had this experience. She knows how to emphasise your most beautiful parts and minimise any insecurities. I’m walking away from this body positivity experience with my head held high, like I should and I am absolutely sure that you will too.

Glamour Photography Townsville | Min Xu Photography


Here’s to anyone who’s still on the fence, or looking forward to their photoshoot with Min, you will remember this experience for a lifetime! Min is so incredibly kind, understanding and has this energy that just makes you feel so good about not only what you’re doing for yourself but who you are as a woman. I cannot praise Min highly enough.

I have always resented being photographed. I hate my nose, my chin, my short chubby legs and my flat hair. I have never truly felt beautiful for than a day in my life. I have always hidden from cameras and made silly faces if I am caught because I can’t bare to see myself in photos.

Min changed all that. I still hate being photographed, but Min has shown me, through her incredibly dedicated work, that I am beautiful. I cried when I opened my album at home. Never before has someone been able to take photos of me that made me feel like the beautiful woman I know has been hiding inside.

I am going to do another shoot with Min, now that I’ve lost weight, and will keep celebrating my femininity thanks to Min and her kind and empowering influence.

Min, you are beyond talented; not just in photography but in being an incredible human being with an immense heart.
Thank you for being such a huge influence in my life and helping me heal ❤️

Cairns Lingerie Shoot | Min Xu Photography


Had my Bombshell Boudoir photoshoot last Wednesday with Min.

I was excited to go out and try different outfits on that I could try out, find things I could be comfy in. Although I felt very nervous how they would look in the photos, if I’d be happy with them or they’d show parts I didn’t like of myself.

The day of the photoshoot I was definitely feeling very nervous. Min was very inviting and so was the hair and makeup artist. It was a lovely relaxing and pampering time, which also calmed my nerves a bit.

But testing out my outfits and doing the photos, trying different angles, was fun and different, something completely out of my comfort zone but made me feel good too.
I walked away feeling happier with myself that I got out of my bubble and had some fun.

Super nervous to see my photos with Min. But in the end I walked out proud and happy with the way they all turned out. Min did a great job in capturing perfect lighting and angles.

I’m feeling more confident with myself and certainly with my body more than I was before. Thank you Min 🙂🤗

maternity photographycairns


I recently had my shoot with Min and I would highly recommend her to anyone! The whole experience was amazing! She is so professional and even from the moment I booked I felt at ease with the whole experience.

I booked a shoot with Min and the following day found out I was pregnant so we rescheduled to turn our shoot into a maternity boudoir session and it was so awesome!

Min tells you everything you need to know, down to what lingerie will be flattering to what poses to do on the day. She even showed me a few images throughout the shoot and I could barely recognise myself! I had my hair and makeup done with the very talented Sue and it was such a wonderful pamper before the shoot began! Any nerves certainly disappointed after feeling all glam!

This is for absolutely anyone- so book an appointment with Min you certainly won’t be disappointed!

xxx Thank you Min and Sue xxxx

Body Positivity Boudoir


Just wanted to thank you so much again for my photo shoot with you!! I know it was last year and I haven’t gotten any photos yet but the confidence you instilled in me from then on will forever be a gift I treasure!
I hated my body and you made me fall in love with myself. It was something I’d never been able to do.
I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again with my third child and as happy as I am, I’m no longer scared of the toll it will take on body. As my belly grows so does my confidence and love and appreciation for it. During my first two pregnancies I hated the way I looked and changed I hated all the extra skin and stretch marks. But this time I’m proud of my body and everything it does, every change every extra kilo every new stretch mark I embrace it all.
All of this self love and confidence I can only thank you!!!
So happy to have met you and done that shoot with you! You truly changed my life 💕💕💕💕
boudoir photos plus size


Min is a very professional, conscientious businesswoman. From her initial contact, where she asks all the relevant questions, to ensure she gets the most out of her session with you.

When I first spoke to Min I was a bit shy and guarded. She added me to her closed FB group, where she posts the most inspiring messages, that by the time I had my photoshoot I had the confidence to go nude.

Thank you so much, Min. My photos are beautiful. I can’t believe that it’s me, they really look like all the boudoir photos I’ve admired in magazines.

Cairns seductive photography


What an absolute unique and flattering experience to have with Min. Min is highly professional in the approach and instantly makes you feel at ease. For women that are out of their comfort zone, Min has this incredible ability to make you feel fantastic in your own skin. I couldn’t be happier with my photos.

I highly recommend Min to anyone looking to have a Boudoir photography session.

Photography Courses Cairns | Min Xu Photography


If you are considering having a shoot with Min, seriously, DO IT!!! Min’s Ladies Valentine’s Day Party was my first experience in front of a professional photographer and I’m not sorry one bit. It wasn’t awkward or scary. Min is patient, professional and fun 😊😊😊

You’ll be in good hands and will undoubtedly love your photos as much as I love mine 

boudoir photo



Min Xu is an amazing Boudoir Photographer in Cairns! She made me at ease. All I need to do is listen to her and trust that everything will turn out amazing and it was!! I enjoyed my pampering in the morning and make up until the photo shoot was done! I wouldn’t change anything about it. 

Incredible photos Min. I think they are from a Magazine 😄 She is very professional at what she does.