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Online Course

The Comprehensive Boudoir Photography Course

Boudoir is now one of the MOST popular niches in photography. With structured guidance and practice, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle boudoir sessions, acquire a specialized set of skills in a niche photography domain, making you a more versatile photographer. This course set you apart from competitors, allowing you to carve out a distinct space in the market.

What you will get from the course:

  • START shooting boudoir even if you don’t have a studio or lighting equipment
  • COMPLETE shooting system that allows me to have the highest sale of $13,000 with a single client
  • DETAILED explanation of every pose (in PDF and video format) and live shoot
  • ALL digital downloads including posing guide, wardrobe guide etc.
  • EXCLUSIVE album, software, and product discounts
  • EXCLUSIVE access to FB VIP group to connected with like-minded photographers


Pose 2

In Person Workshop

The Workshop

From this 2-day in person workshop, I’ll show you exactly my shoot process and  you have the opportunity to build your portfolio.

Day 1
I will shoot models and you will learn step by step. You will also do some shooting yourselves so that you generate images for your portfolios

Day 2.
For female group: you will pair up and shoot each other with me guiding you 1:1
For male group: you will pair up and shoot models with me guiding you 1:1

VIP group

Join a group of like-minded boudoir photographers who strive to learn new skills and create masterpiece artworks that impress clients.

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