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based in cairns, fnq, available nationwide


based in cairns, fnq, available nationwide

Self-Love In The Form of Boudoir Photography

Min Xu Photography offers a self-love experience to empower women and men of all shapes, ages and sizes through a one-on-one boudoir photo session. You are the mirror of yourself. If you feel beautiful and sexy, you are beautiful and sexy. You are worth it and you deserve to celebrate everything that makes you feel gorgeous. It’s time to embrace your bombshell side and have a blast doing it!

Indulge in a lingerie photo shoot meant for you. Work with a boudoir photographer that you are most comfortable with and just live in that moment!

A Boudoir Photography Session

A Lifelong Gift For Yourself

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Cairns Boudoir Session - Min Xu Photography
Tips for Cairns Boudoir Session - Min Xu Photography
Boudoir Photography Plus Size - Min Xu Photography

A Boudoir Photography Session

A special gift for your partner

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What is Boudoir Shoot - Min Xu Photography
Boudoir Session Packages | Min Xu Photography
Lingerie Boudoir Cairns Australia

Bridal Boudoir Photography Session

A great wedding day gift

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Cairns Bridal Boudoir Session - Min Xu Photography
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Cairns Bridal Boudoir Photographer - Min Xu Photography


Not in FNQ or maybe you just want an outdoor boudoir photography session? Whether it’s in Australia or overseas, we’ll fly to you or meet you on a beach in the Mediterranean, in the rolling mountains of the Alps, or in a skyscraper in Singapore. Whatever your dream is, we can make it happen!

Contact us to know more about how to book a destination boudoir photo session.

Boudoir Photograpy Cairns | Min Xu Photography
Outdoor Boudoir Cairns | Min Xu Photography
Sexy Lingerie Shoot | Min Xu Photography


Couple Boudoir Session - Min Xu Photography
couple boudoir photography townsville
Couple Boudoir Photoshoot - Min Xu Photography

A Dudeoir Session

Men Deserve This Too

While the display and posing for men are different compared to female counterparts. The style, feel and the aesthetic carries over for the art of boudoir. In fact, I welcome men who would like to get involved with the art of boudoir as men are more self-constrained with their body image than women. A photo session would in fact help to break the stigma.

A boudoir photo session in fact breaks that stigma and likewise get you more in touch with both your masculinity and vulnerability.

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Cairns Boudoir
Male Boudoir Photography Cairns | Min Xu Photography
Dudeoir Photography, Boudoir Photography

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