Motorcycle girl – how I planned the shoot

When Heaven found me, she said that she had a lot of tattoos. I decided that she suited kinda cool concept which could show her personality as well as the beauty of human body, which I always try to achieve through my work.

So I proposed a motorcycle concept of her wearing lingerie. She happily accepted it and told me that she had black lace bodysuit. In a photo shoot usually I do at least two outfits. The other outfit I suggested was ripped jeans with high heels. 

As for location scouts, as I wanted a motorcycle and her dad had one on his farm property. So it was open space farm setting, possibly having a country road in the background. This way I wanted to create a story that a naughty and spontaneous girl got up from bed in the morning and decided to go on a motorcycle road trip. 

Heaven was very enthusiastic. She drove us one and half hours to the farm for a 2-hour shooting and drove us back. During the shoot, she also put her full energy. 

The most annoying part of the shoot was lighting. We only had time between 11am to 1pm when the light was very harsh and created ugly shades on her face. What I did was to ask her to raise her chin up or turn her face side so that the lighting on her was even.

The result came out very good. Heaven was very happy about it and decided another rooftop shoot right after I delivered the images.