5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Boudoir Photographer in Australia

Good on you! You are considering booking boudoir photography for yourself! First things first: How do you begin to choose the best boudoit photographer? 

I know how loving ourselves is sometimes much harder than loving other people. However, you should know that even considering booking the best boudoir photoshoot is already a big step and you deserve a pat on the back. 

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A lot of people have considered booking a boudoir photo shoot for themselves but not everyone comes to a point of actually locking in the boudoir session. 

Since we are talking about YOU, it is a must to have the best self-love experience here in Australia. Accepting and letting people in is a process that we have to go through over and over again but it is also a whole different thing to learn how to love and accept yourself.

Know that you’ll have doubts along the way but eventually, as you go through the boudoir photoshoot, you’ll see why this is all worth it simply because YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

To help you out on how to choose the best boudoir photographer in Australia, here are some questions you should ask to yourself:

"Do I feel comfortable with this boudoir photographer?"

Finding the best boudoir photographer in Australia does not simply mean finding the one that everyone goes to, or the highest paid boudoir photographer. Oftentimes, the best boudoir photographer is someone whom you feel most comfortable with and who makes you feel like your most beautiful self, someone you trust to take your boudoir photos.

When finding the best boudoir photographer in Australia means taking the time to talk to the boudoir photographer and really evaluating if he or she is the boudoir photographer for you. It pays to be able to sit down for a chat to make him or her understand why you want to book a boudoir photo session. 

Boudoir photography is not all about poses and angles, it is also about self-expression and self-love. So before you can express yourself through the lens of the camera, you should also be comfortable with the person behind the camera.

Male Boudoir by Min Xu

“Does the best boudoir photographer take the time to listen to me?”

Let’s face it, people will always see flaws, imperfections and things to “correct”. When you are in a boudoir session, there is only YOU and everything is in celebration of you. Your flaws become features, your imperfections become things that make you unique. 

Your boudoir photographer should see the reason why you are doing this and take your photos to support you in that. He or she should not just be taking your boudoir photos just because you booked a photo session with them. They should be taking the time to really think about what approach to take in order to help you meet your objective. It is important that your boudoir photographer sees boudoir with a deeper meaning and of more value to each person other than just another style of photography. 

Communication is one of the primary things that should be established when you start engaging with a boudoir photographer. Without proper communication, there is no way that you can feel comfortable or at ease. 

"Do they care about my privacy?

This is your body that we are talking about here. It matters that whoever your boudoir photographer will know how to keep your photos private and discrete. Should any boudoir photographer wish to share your photos as part of their portfolio, he or she must understand that you need to give your consent first before doing so. 

Boudoir photos are not for public viewing unless YOU allow other people to see it. No one has the right to insist this upon you nor do it without you knowing. When it comes to boudoir photography, making you feel comfortable also involves being assured of your privacy. Do not feel obligated to give your boudoir photographer consent to post your photos on social media, print them for their own portfolio or upload it on their website unless you are 100% comfortable to do so. 

Checking their portfolio will help you have a feel of their skill, talent and if their style is the one for you. The highest-paid and best boudoir photographer may be the most booked but it does not mean that his or her style suits what you are going for or it may not feel true to you. 

Finding the right photographer is still subjective. There is no specific standard to what your photos should look, it will always be your choice. People have different tastes so it is better to look at their portfolio. Scroll through their previous works and compare their style to your liking and check if it matches your preference.

"What do people say about them?"

To know more about their credibility and service, read people’s reviews and testimonials about the best boudoir photographer. Reviews are important things to go over when investing in something. Whether that is a tangible item that you plan to purchase online or booking a boudoir session, it is important that you get other people’s thoughts on it. 

Read about what the experiences were like for other people. However, remember that one or two good reviews are not enough. Take your time to really do your research and ask around. Remember, this person will be taking your photos while you are wearing minimal clothing or none at all. Make sure that they are credible and to be trusted. 

One other thing, it is one thing to see a boudoir portfolio that looks incredible. However, also consider if the people or subjects of the boudoir photos that you see are boudoir models. If they are, that would make a huge difference as to how that boudoir photographer would work with everyday people who are not used to posing in front of a camera. As someone who is not a model, it will be a huge advantage and it will pay off if your boudoir photographer can guide you from posing to outfits to angles-regardless of your experience, age and size. 

When you see photos of other people that resonate with you and speak to you, that may just be your sign to go with that boudoir photographer. The best boudoir photographer should know how to convey your message and tell your story. That is a true talent. 

Your boudoir photographer should know how to give detailed instructions and directions. Not even one second should you stand there wondering what to do next.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the top things to help you pick out the best boudoir photographer in Australia, it is time to reflect on it and maybe contact me once you have decided. Check out my portfolio and some resources to help you have a feel if boudoir photography is for you and if I am the right boudoir photographer for you. 


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