Cairns Boudoir Photography: Empowers Breast Cancer Fighter

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Kelly is a mother, foster mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and a wife. She wants to represent all the women with self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

She was an orphan and was pushed from one house to another when her mom died. She never felt the love she deserved and that encouraged her to do foster care and let her children feel the love they deserve and never let them feel the way she felt when she was young.


Kelly’s life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The situation shook her to the core in ways that only a woman going through the same struggle will know.This is where she decided to commemorate the part in her life where she still has her breasts and the part where she doesn’t have it anymore.

“I wanted to capture the moment of me having breasts and then not having it.”

She added, “I get my one breast removed tomorrow at the end of this month and start my survival journey there.” One of the best ways to commemorate and empower here is through a boudoir photoshoot.

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Back then, the only thing she did for herself was to get her nails done atleast once a month. And now, she wants to have a photoshoot for herself.

 I want to capture my age and beauty and show all my girls that it is something to embrace and love.

This kind of photoshoot is a great opportunity for women to gain and display their confidence while exploring their greatest features in an intimate set with a professional boudoir photographer. Most women think that posing in front of a stranger while wearing lingerie can feel overwhelming and nerve racking. This is the usual scenario that our breast cancer fighter & survivor, Kelly also experienced

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“It was very overwhelming at first, I was very nervous.” The truth behind that overwhelming feeling is because of the stigma that boudoir shoots are only allowed for confident young women and models. The nervousness also comes from the fact that they are not confident to flaunt their bodies. But with a professional boudoir photographer, everything will be perfect. Kelly said, “They made it relaxing, it was enjoyable. They’ve done my hair, makeup, and the process and I enjoyed it.” 2 years before her shoot, she already committed to herself that she would do the boudoir photoshoot for herself but didn’t have the courage to do so at the time. “It has been for the last two years, I’ve been looking into it but I just didn’t have the courage to do it.”

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There may be setback/s why people hesitate to do this kind of photoshoot but there are tons of reasons why you should do it and Kelly was able to find the right motivation for her to do the shoot.

I had so many women friends, and daughters, in my life that I wanted to set an example for them even though it was hard for me, that I can do this photoshoot and feel more beautiful. No matter what, if they’ve got boobs or they don’t.

Kelly wanted to be an example for her friends and so she told them about her photoshoot. She’s hoping that her experience would inspire them to do something like that, especially her daughters and girlfriends.

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“Everyone asked and they’re waiting to see the photos and they wanna know what it’s like. Cause they know I’m not the type of person to do this kind of thing. So they were all intrigued and excited.” Some of Kelly’s friends already lost some body weight and they wanted to love their body and show it off through the boudoir photoshoot. “A lot of them have lost weight and they want to love their body and they wanna show it off so what better way to do than this?”


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Boudoir photography is a great avenue to celebrate yourself. It is a lifetime investment that every woman should invest in. Show yourself that you deserve to be happy, comfortable in your own body and get that self-love you deserve. Kelly’s biggest life lesson is, “Not to do everything to please others and that it is okay to say no. Praise yourself daily and be proud of all you do.” Kelly is a living proof that not only this boudoir photoshoot empowers women and encourages them to love their bodies, it’s also a great platform for breast cancer survivors/patients to show their journey before and after their mastectomy and remind them of their bravery throughout their struggle. 

It is a moment in time. And it is one that every woman deserves to have for themselves, a picture on the wall. To remind themselves that they are a woman, a mother, a sister, that they’re worthy of that picture.

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