TRUTH UNTOLD: Boudoir Photography for Men A.K.A Dudeoir Photography

Who said that Boudoir Photography for Men is not a thing? We all have our fair share of flaws and insecurities with our bodies, men included.

Why have boudoir photography for men?

Boudoir Photography is most common for women as it is an avenue for them to portray their inner bombshell, to accept their flaws and their bodies while wearing almost nothing in front of a stranger who takes pictures of them.

Meanwhile, boudoir photography for men shows off more of their sensual side. It is a great opportunity for men to experience and show off their masculinity and their vulnerability.

About Boudoir Photography for Men

Boudoir shoots with men or those who identify themselves as male are often underrepresented. The reason behind this, “society” dictates that it is “not acceptable” for men to do boudoir photo shoots for themselves. Society tells us that men are not supposed to show their emotions, insecurities, or vulnerabilities. They expect men to show only their typical toxic masculinity that society keeps dictating to all individuals.

It’s not only women who are judged, but it’s also the same with men. 

Male Boudoir photo shoot

As a boudoir photographer, as long as it’s not causing harm to other people, people shouldn’t mock a man just because they choose to express themselves in whatever way they want. A man will not become less of a man just because they decide to show their emotions, flaws, and vulnerability. Nor are they any less human, for wanting to have their own boudoir photo shoot.

Male Boudoir photo shoot

Women schedule their boudoir shoot to take memoirs of their bodies. Men also have the same reason for scheduling their own boudoir shoot. They both want to document their journeys to love themselves.

Men have always faced criticisms on their bodies as well and their concerns over boudoir photography are the same as women. They also fear judgment regarding their own appearance and are also body shamed for not having a six-pack ab which is a societal standard for men in the world

Male Boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir Photography for Men: Empowering Men Through Boudoir Photoshoot

Empowerment should not be limited to certain sexuality or gender. Feeling empowered and knowing your self-worth isn’t something reserved for women only. It’s there for each and every one of us to reach out and grab, with open arms.

The sooner society can accept that men need to be heard on matters of their body image, self-worth, and self-confidence, the better. In this way, it will break the stereotypes and will help foster acceptance and less judgment in this world.

Male Boudoir photo shoot

As a travelling boudoir photographer in Australia, I want to use my passion as a way to influence positive change in our society and help the underrepresented community of men to tell their stories through a boudoir shoot.

Who is to say that only women or other genders can have boudoir photos of themselves? Boudoir is for everybody. This includes men, women and the queer community

I’ve worked with so many men clients in the past and they all have their own reasons as to why they booked their boudoir or dudeoir photoshoot. If you are hesitant and you are worried about a lot of things and you are too shy or may be scared to ask anybody about it, even your boudoir photographer, you can read on some of the common questions most people want to ask.

Male Boudoir photo shoot

If you are thinking of booking a boudoir photo shoot, don’t second guess it!

Come and join me as we begin your journey to loving yourself and accepting your flaws. Stand up for yourself and book a boudoir photoshoot for men now.

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