Bridal Boudoir Photography & Why You Should Do It

Marriage will open a new chapter in your life and what better way to start it than with a bridal boudoir photoshoot that will give you that priceless experience and memory that will stay with you forever? Continue reading to know more about bridal boudoir photography.

Bridal Boudoir by Min Xu Photography

What is bridal boudoir photography?

Bridal boudoir photography is a special kind of boudoir photoshoot done by brides. It’s a type of photography that opens up a sexy, confident and deeper side of you that you may or may not have known already.

For most, especially for those who haven’t tried it yet, it is intimidating, difficult and awkward to do. You may have doubts, fears, and excuses from trying this kind of photography. Don’t worry! These are all normal, especially when you have not done it yet or you haven’t spoken to anyone who has. Like any other boudoir photoshoot, bridal boudoir photography requires courage, dedication and trust. Courage to bring yourself to the decision that this is something for you, dedication to really commit to the entire experience and trust in yourself as well as your boudoir photographer.
Bridal Boudoir Photography

When you are in your bridal boudoir photoshoot, do not worry about how you look in front of the camera or what to do next. It is your bridal boudoir photographer’s job to help you feel and look beautiful, sexy and confident. 

A lot of other men and women book boudoir photoshoots on a regular day, but a bridal boudoir photoshoots make it even more special. There are lots of reasons to not do it and just go on with your day, but here are some points that you may want to consider before you even reject the whole idea of bridal boudoir photography.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography: It’s time to embrace and celebrate yourself!

You have come so far in life and it’s time to tap yourself on the back and be proud!  You deserve a photo shoot that will always remind you that you are worth it, hot, and gorgeous AF. The best thing about doing a bridal boudoir photoshoot for yourself is that beautifully taken boudoir photos last forever and remind you of your special day, which is your upcoming wedding, but also the idea that other than being a bride, you are also this sexy and gorgeous woman. Sure you can go to a salon, buy new clothes and shoes, but this version of you will always be captured through timeless boudoir photos. 

Isn’t it fun to have these kinds of photos and look at them if you want to remind yourself how beautiful and powerful you are? 

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography: A gift for you and your partner

Boudoir photography is a great reminder for your partner of how lucky he is to have you AND how lucky you are to be you! 

In fact, having a bridal boudoir photoshoot done can also make your wedding (or your wedding night. *wink wink*) more exciting. Give this to your partner as a pre-wedding night gif or the very morning of your wedding and blow his mind because this is not a wedding gift that he would expect, for sure-it’s better! 

Bridal Boudoir Photography: It keeps memories and moments alive

There is so much excitement, especially since your big day is coming up and you cannot wait for it any longer. But believe it or not…you’re getting engaged and the next thing you know is that you’re already 5 years in the marriage. That’s how fast it sometimes feels. The changes that are about to happen in your life are things that you should definitely look forward to, though the memories before you get married are ones you should treasure. Having bridal boudoir photos can one day remind you that you were once this young, happy and sexy bride and that you have that in you. 

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Boost your confidence before the big day through a bridal boudoir photography!

Apart from being excited, you might also feel nervous and anxious about a lot of things especially when the big day is coming up, not to mention your wedding night.

It is not an unusual thing for brides to feel a bit insecure or even a tad bit nervous about getting married. You may be concerned about your looks, the impression you are going to make or maybe something deeper. What other people don’t know is that things like insecurities or pre-wedding jitters may also be solved by a bridal boudoir photoshoot. 

Cairns Bridal Lingerie Shoot | Min Xu Photography

Since bridal boudoir photography helps you discover and know yourself even more, for sure you’ll feel more empowered and encouraged after seeing your beautifully taken photos. Realizing that you are truly beautiful in boudoir shots has a long-term effect. You will have a more positive self-image that you will always carry with you through the years ahead. 

Bridal Boudoir: Reveal other sides of you!

Sometimes we do not realize the power we hold, and how we can change a lot of things. Maybe because of how society keeps on telling us to be like this and that, and to not do this and that. Most of the time, we are made to believe that we are something that we are really not. If we really think about it, as long as we do not hurt anyone, we are free to do and be whoever we want to be. 

Bridal Boudoir Photography | Min Xu Photography

With the right bridal boudoir photographer, you may discover a new side of you that you never thought existed! When you get out of your comfort zone, you will be so surprised how it can make you feel so good about yourself. 

You might be wondering, “How would a bridal boudoir photoshoot help me discover myself more?” 

Bridal boudoir photoshoots or boudoir photoshoots in general is not a common thing that most people see. In the same sense that people are not really used to the idea of posing in front of a camera while wearing lingerie, or sometimes nude. Bridal boudoir photography can help you discover yourself in a deeper sense because it is something that you may have not tried before. Oftentimes, the things that we try and give ourselves the chance to, are the things that allow us to grow. 

Cairns Bridal Boudoir Session

Ready to book your bridal boudoir photoshoot? 

Not every bride will book a boudoir photoshoot but why not stand out and dare to be different? 

Contact the Min Xu Photography team and we’ll get in touch with you! We cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day preparations. 


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