Time for an Intimate Boudoir Photo Session – Cairns, FNQ!

Believe it or not, after meeting some terrible guys, I thought being single would be the best for myself. To be honest, I’m jealous of those who find true love. My initial goal of an intimate couple session was to capture the connection of couples and the deep feeling of love.

However, the outcome of this intimate boudoir session was unexpected. Heaven and I thought we should share her experience with everyone, no matter you are in love, looking for love or hopeless in love.

Below texts by Heaven Arici, photographs by Min Xu.

Loved the couple boudoir session more than I expected. My partner actually got closer to me, more than every time I’ve asked. I felt so content and I saw real love in his eyes as if it was the first time I was seeing it. Min’s couple boudoir photoshoot showcased that. 

He rarely cuddles me that tight even though I always ask, he mainly does a loose cuddle. But in that photoshoot was a tight cuddle what I always yearn for. And I saw love in his eyes as if it was back in the honey moon stage. But that photo of us spooning, I was genuinely happy.

There hasn’t been any fights, yeah there’s annoyances but we just discuss them. And like I said I finally got those tight cuddles because he’s not a cuddly person and I saw his eyes light up again. 

These two photos show my happiness completely. Doing this photoshoot brought us closer together and overall I loved the shoot, the pictures were amazing and I love working with Min. Definitely more photoshoots to come!