Couple Boudoir Photography Ideas for You and Your Partner

When we’re talking about Boudoir Photography, it’s common  to think of female boudoir. However, there are different kinds of Boudoir Photography styles that apply to females, males, and even couples. Couple Boudoir Photography is a completely different photography style as it involves two people and capturing the dynamic and spark between the pair. A challenge that I love is capturing the perfect dynamic that suits each couple. 


When booking a couples’ boudoir shoot with Min Xu Boudoir Photography, there is a level of spiciness that is used to determine how hot or intimate a couple’s boudoir shoot can be. Similar to ordering in certain restaurants, you can pick if you want it mild, medium or hot! It is up to you and your partner.

Check out these couple boudoir photoshoot ideas from outfit to spiciness level.

Couple Boudoir Photography

Couple boudoir photoshoot idea #1: Fully clothed

Whether it’s couple Boudoir Photography, female Boudoir Photography or male Boudoir Photography, the definition of the art or style of photography does not automatically mean being nude or being in one’s underwear.


In taking Boudoir Photography photos like these, the key is not in the outfit but more in the natural dynamic between the couple and of course, the coaching skill of the boudoir photographer.

If you are a couple wanting to do a couple Boudoir Photography session, you do not have to worry about showing too much skin or being too erotic during the boudoir photo shoot. Communicate with your boudoir photographer and let

him/her know what you are comfortable with, what you want to achieve and what you need help on.

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Couple Boudoir Photography

Couple boudoir photoshoot idea #2: Lingerie

Time to make things more exciting! 


Even if it’s just you, wearing lingerie just has that effect of feeling sexy and confident. So many people have walked into a boudoir shoot feeling nervous but wore lingerie and just killed it!


A couple Boudoir Photography in lingerie makes things a bit more spicy and hot. Other than the confidence that it gives, it also allows the photographer to think of several ways on how to play with the outfit. Your boudoir photographer may ask you to pull your lingerie up a bit or to pull down the strap, maybe even ask your partner to interact with you through your lingerie.

Intimate Couple Boudoir Photography
Couple Boudoir Photography

Couple boudoir photoshoot idea #3: Implied Nude

If you’re more into the sensual and sexier side of Boudoir Photography for couples, implied nude may be something that you can try with your partner. Amp it up a bit and keep it spicy. Who knows? This might even dial up the heat and passion in your relationship.

These implied nude couples Boudoir Photography make use of props and angles but without fully exposing certain parts of your body.

Couple Boudoir Photography

Couple boudoir photoshoot idea #4: Fully Nude

Are you that couple who is unfazed by full nudity? Then let’s get this started! There is not much to explain about nude couple Boudoir Photography. This just means that you and your partner will be posing without any clothes on.

During nude couple Boudoir Photography, like any other photoshoot done by Min Xu, you do not have to worry about anything. Just relax. Your boudoir photographer will coach you on how to pose and interact as a couple in this Boudoir Photography.

Couple Boudoir Photography

Couple boudoir photoshoot idea #5: Kink & Erotica

BDSM and kinks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s something that you and your partner want to try out or if it is something that you both share the same interest in, why not incorporate that into your own couple Boudoir Photography?

Talk to your boudoir photographer about fantasies that you both share or maybe certain concepts or costumes. Boudoir Photography is not fitted into a box of a single idea so if there is something you want to try out, go for it.

Couple Boudoir Photography
Couple Boudoir Photography

Final Thoughts

Boudoir Photography is a way for individuals to feel more confident, sexy and beautiful. As for couples, this keeps the fire alive, at the same time captures the passion in the relationship and transforms them into timeless and beautiful Boudoir Photography.

Do any of these interest you and your partner in booking a personalised Boudoir Photography just for the two of you? Great! Fill up this contact form and let’s get started!


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