7 Questions That You Are Too Afraid to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography

This is a style of photography that focuses on subjects in a sensual, romantic, intimate and erotic light. Whether you are thinking of doing a sexy boudoir shoot for your own pleasure and enjoyment or for your special someone, you want to come ready so you can make the most out of it. Boudoir photography sessions take a lot of preparation for both the part of you as a subject and your chosen boudoir photographer. Personal preparations for pegs and even the choice of clothing are some of the things that many people who want to do a boudoir photoshoot think about. Here are some questions that you may have but are afraid or just hesitant to ask your boudoir photographer.

1. How much grooming do I need to do?

The thing is, this is entirely up to you! Doing a boudoir photography shoot encourages you to embrace your own beauty and to be comfortable with it. Before the day of your boudoir photo shoot, you can go to your trusted waxing salon to have a few areas waxed or you can do it at home if you can. You can choose to wax selected areas like your legs, upper lips, underarms, your eyebrows, your intimate area but again-this is entirely up to you. There is always beauty in embracing the natural state of the human body

2. I don’t feel very sexy and I am not that confident. How can you make me look good in the photos?

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Great boudoir photographers have different methods of doing photoshoots with different types of clients. Luckily, Min Xu Photography has a proven and tested bombshell posing system that works for all body types. You do not have to worry about how you will pose in front of the camera or how your face should look…we will coach you through the session. We’ll make sure that you look and feel sexy! Confidence is great, but if you feel like you don’t have it yet, your boudoir photographer will help you get there.

3. Will you be judging me during the boudoir photoshoot?

Of course not! We make it our mission to make sure that everyone feels sexy and confident with their own body. You do not need to worry about being judged during a boudoir photography shoot. Other than the fact that you are working with professionals, you should know that your boudoir photographer is all about making sure that you do not only look good in your photos, but you feel good about yourself as you do it.

4. How “sexy” are we going to get?

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Each person is different. Not all boudoir photography shoots have to look the same. This depends on what you feel is comfortable for you. Nobody will force you to do something that you do not want to or wear something that you do not feel comfortable in. We can shoot anywhere from an off-shoulder sweater, lingeries of different types that flatter your body, implied nude to fully nude. Just let us know and we’ll take your queue. The important thing is that you are comfortable and we’ll take care of the rest!

5. What if I don’t look good in the photos?

Now don’t worry about that! You are gorgeous, stunning and beautiful and your boudoir photographer will help you see that. If you don’t feel beautiful just yet, you will see how beautiful you are once we are done with your boudoir photos. In photography, the right poses, positions, angles, light and the right coaching creates a big impact on how your final output is going to look. 

6. Who will see my photos?

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Always remember that with Min Xu photography, all sessions and photos are private and confidential. During the photo shoot, it will be between you and your photographer. Your photos will never be used by our team for any portfolio or publicity without your permission. Boudoir photography sessions are for YOU. Even if you decide to do this as a gift for your husband or your partner, it is still for YOU. It is for you to feel good about yourself and your body. Whether you decide to keep it just for your own viewing, to have it seen by a special someone or if you want to share your newfound confidence with the rest of the world…IT IS UP TO YOU. You are in charge of your own body the same way that you decide who gets to see it and how you want to be seen. No one can ever take that away from you. 

7. Up to what age can I do boudoir photography shoots?

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It does not get said enough: age is just a number. Boudoir photography is for everyone from the age of 18 to infinity. Our goal is to make you feel good about your body and yourself. This is applicable whether you’ve just turned 18 and you want to feel like your own woman, you’re about to get married and you want an intimate photoshoot with your fiance, you are in your early 40’s or even if you’ve passed your 60’s. Beauty doesn’t go away with age. If you feel like you want to see yourself in a sexy and positive light, there is no problem in that!


Boudoir photography aims to highlight your beautiful, sensual and sexy self. There is nothing more liberating than feeling comfortable in your own skin and being happy with who you are. Having boudoir photos of yourself can be a reminder that you are beautiful and that you should be happy about how you look. It is an honour and a privilege for us at Min Xu Photography to help you bring out that beauty and make you see it.

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