Boudoir Photography Beats Body Shaming

Body shaming, ageism, racism and sexism…we live in a world filled with so many opinions, notions and standards that were set by people who are generations before us. For some reason, there were times when people didn’t see anything wrong with a lot of things. For instance, it was normal for people back then to chastise anyone who belonged to the queer community. The same way that it was normal for that to set the standard of beauty to a thin 15-inch waist. Anything higher than that is frowned upon.

Now let’s talk about the real tea: Body shaming and why boudoir photography trumps it!

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What is body shaming?

Simply put, body shaming is when someone is being mocked, ridiculed and judged because of his/her body. We all know it. Society has the tendency to look down on people who do not fit into that Jessica Rabbit ideal.

Cairns Boudoir Photography - Body Shaming
What can I do about body shaming?

If you are personally being body shamed, do not have it! Do not let people make you feel bad about yourself. The first step to kicking body shaming out the window is not letting it get inside your head. If someone tells you that your body is not pleasing to look at, don’t believe it. Instead, allow yourself to be seen in a different light. A light that shows off the best of who you are, what you can do and what you can be.


How can boudoir photography help me overcome body shaming?

When you decide to have a boudoir photography session for yourself, you are already a step closer to throwing the whole concept of body shaming out the window. Let’s take it one by one!

  • Boudoir photography gets you out of your comfort zone

    Anyone who does boudoir for the first time gets nervous and has all these boudoir photography jitters. Don’t worry though because once you get that newfound confidence going, nothing can ever stop you.


  • Boudoir photography lets you re-discover and discover yourself

    People who come into my boudoir studio to have their boudoir photos taken are not the most confident people right off the bat. A lot of people who decide to have a boudoir photography session are actually people who want to find that empowerment.

    You would often see mums who have forgotten to treat and take care of themselves for a while now and just lost that drive to slay a runway.

    Boudoir photography allows you to get back that swag that may have been hiding for a while but at the same time discover that as something new in you.

  • Boudoir Photography makes you see your naturally beautiful self!

    Whenever I talk to clients after their boudoir shoot, they always lean towards saying that they cannot believe they look that good. To a point wherein, they would have the courage to tell themselves that they are beautiful and that is the goal. It’s one thing to have others think that you’re stunning, but to get to say that to yourself is worth more than a million people saying it.

Should I book a boudoir photography session?

The short answer is YES. Boudoir may not be everybody’s thing but it most certainly is for everybody. Whether you want to do this to see yourself rock in lingerie, or to have the courage to embrace your curves, just do it! At the end of the day, a boudoir photography session is meant for you. It is for you to see yourself in a more positive light and to get to tell everybody else that you love your body and you know that you are drop-dead gorgeous


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