3 Ways To Get Rid of Boudoir Photography Jitters

If you’re reading this, congratulations on finally deciding to do a boudoir photography shoot for yourself!

Props to you for mustering up your courage and booking a boudoir photography shoot for yourself. I know this type of photoshoot is daunting, there must be a lot of thoughts running through your head right now.

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But no worries, we will make sure that you’ll only feel contented, happy, and empowered during your boudoir photography shoot. It is normal to feel nervous. I mean who doesn’t feel tense when a person (who isn’t your partner) will practically see you naked.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of those boudoir photography jitters.

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu Outdoors



First, get to know your photographer before your scheduled shoot. You can either chat, call, video call or meet up with your photographer ahead of the shoot. This is to get you acquainted and also so you get to be briefed about expectations and preparations that you need before your boudoir photography shoot. There may be some questions that you are afraid or hesitant to ask your boudoir photographer, but just take a deep breath and ask away

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu

Talk to your boudoir photographer about things that you are comfortable with. For example, you can share things like if you  prefer to have the photoshoot in a cabin, hotel room, forest, or just a different location than usual. You can also discuss the type of lingerie you can and want to wear and certain props that you may want to include in your boudoir photo shoot.

Upon doing this, you’ll feel a lot better and ready for the photoshoot.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography By Min Xu


Second, practice self-care. This is a good way to calm oneself and a contributing factor to your readiness for the shoot. Schedule that hair makeover appointment with your favourite salon and paint those nails that will match your overall theme.

You can also choose to have that soothing body spa that will help relax your whole body and be ready for the upcoming boudoir photo shoot. Some women really go the extra mile and have certain places of their body waxed or groomed.

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu
The night before your boudoir photography shoot, use your favourite soothing face mask because #skincareislife! After your self-care, you are now ready to proceed to our last step on getting rid of that boudoir jitters and this one has long-term effects far better than steps 1 and 2.

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu


This is easier said than done, but saying and acknowledging the following words: “I am beautiful. I am strong. I am amazing” is something that you should know with or without the boudoir photoshoot. You have been blessed to have that wonderful body and you are beautiful no matter what your shape or size is! Remember that everyone has their own flaws because no one is perfect but everyone is beautiful.

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This is about YOU! You’re the storyteller.

Like I’ve said, people have their own different reasons as to why they choose to work with a boudoir photographer in Australia like me. Some people do it for confidence, some do it as an expression of self-love and in the effort to regain that self-love, some do it for their own inspiration and motivation. Whatever their reasons are, one thing is for sure, they are doing it for their own selves. Nobody else. Unless of course you decide to share this with a special someone as a gift or as a part of the boudoir photoshoot.

I’m just here to make sure that you are heard and seen.

Let them know about your story through a boudoir photo shoot. Book your session with a professional boudoir photographer in Australia now.


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