A One-of-a-Kind Boudoir Photography Melbourne Experience

A Boudoir Photography Melbourne Experience

A lot of things affect one’s self esteem and confidence. These may be internal factors that involve our appearance and self love. To feel small and to see yourself of lesser value because of your own perception is one thing. The impact of this is increased if caused by someone else, which brings it down to an even lower level and makes it feel a whole lot worse.

I met Bernie and got to know this amazing woman who unfortunately lost a lot of self confidence and love coming out of a seven-year long relationship. She wanted to find that confidence she once had, but also to come to a point of loving herself again. Searching for  boudoir photography in Melbourne she found Min Xu boudoir as an opportunity to find herself again. A chance to see herself in a new light, that shows off her best self, highlights her beautiful body and sexuality.

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During the boudoir photography Melbourne shoot, Bernie first came in, she also had a lot of hesitations and second guesses. It is completely normal to start the session a little intimidated and nervous. To help her calm down, we talked about things that make her happy; her interests and hobbies. While she was getting her hair and makeup done, she shared her insights about pole dancing and travelling. Before the shoot started, I showed her my breathing techniques and we did some breathing exercises. A lot of people don’t know this but during times of panic and anxiety, strategic breathing can really help you overcome these struggles. This is something that helped a lot of my previous clients which is why it has become an important part of my pre-shoot preparations.

During my Melbourne boudoir photography shoots I’ve seen nerves come and go  as we work through a well established process to relax and feel comfortable. When we were about to begin the shoot, Bernie started to break down because she realised how low she felt after her long term relationship ended. There was a constant need to seek validation from her ex that when it wasn’t given, it affected how she saw herself. These revelations helped her know she was ready to move on from that and this boudoir photography in Melbourne was my way of helping her. She needed to see herself as a new person who is strong and independent.

Things like client meltdowns happen every now and then during boudoir sessions. Being a good boudoir photographer Melbourne means knowing how to handle situations like this. A lot of people do boudoir shoots to heal themselves. So as a boudoir photographer you need to be non-judgemental, patient, understanding and supportive. You have to be ready to go through tough times with your clients. As I’ve said time and time again, boudoir photography is different from other forms of photography. It is more personal and emotional. A good boudoir photographer needs to connect with the clients that book boudoir photoshoots with him/her.

Once she was able to relax, we began the shoot and as I showed her all the photos in between outfit changes, her mood  immediately changed and she loved the ideas. She was enjoying the Melbourne boudoir photography shoot so much and it was clear she became more  open and confident. She kept telling me: “This is my favourite outfit!” “This is my favourite pose!” By the end of the shoot, Bernie was completely comfortable being naked in front of the camera.

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I left the photoshoot with more confidence than I could ever imagine. I felt like I was on top of the world and I couldn’t believe I could look like that! I came into the photoshoot really insecure about my jawline but once Min showed me the first few photos, I was shocked! I looked stunning and had no idea I could look and feel this way about myself. I walk with my head held high now and I feel my self confidence and self worth growing every day because of this experience.

- Bernette

The thing is, boudoir photography and boudoir photoshoots can be daunting at first. Similar to a lot of things in life. If it feels easy, it probably is not worth it. However, when you do things that you haven’t before and it feels like a big step, it changes you.. often for the better.

What are you waiting for? Do something for yourself and book a boudoir shoot.


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