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Having low self-confidence is no joke. Sometimes, It’s hard even just to try, right? I’ve been there, we’ve all been there, and some of us are maybe still trying our best to gain confidence. But did you know that the secret is actually doing something uncomfortable until you are comfortable? In simpler words, getting out of your bubble!

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I had this client, Hayley, who booked a boudoir shoot with me because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and to lift herself up. She mentioned that she had issues with her body causing her to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, that’s why she chose to challenge herself and did the shoot.

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We all have our own insecurities and issues that stop us from being confident and proud. But it shouldn’t end there, you should not just give up and let your self-esteem completely fade away! There are a ton of ways to bring your crown back; it can all start with just one decision, but of course, you still need to encourage yourself. I do understand that it’s hard, but trying is better than nothing!

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Boudoir shoot was Hayley’s way of showing how much she cares for her body. Allowing herself to be captured, accepting, and appreciating her authentic, raw beauty. This sums up boudoir photography; it’s not just about taking pictures, it is about celebrating one’s beauty. So, why does this unconventional approach work, you ask? Because it pushes you beyond the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of. It’s about telling that nagging voice of doubt, “I can’t do this!” By willingly embracing discomfort, you signal to yourself that you are more than your insecurities.

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As Hayley’s photographer and the person who was there to witness how her confidence built up, I’m really proud to see her finally comfortable with her body and overcome her insecurities throughout the session. “I feel like I crossed a hurdle. “ According to Hayley. She felt good and really happy that she did the shoot. 

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Maybe this is your sign to book a boudoir shoot as well, don’t you think? If you tend to find yourself doubting your capabilities and disliking your physical appearance, boudoir photography is the key! It’s a life-long investment, trust me.


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