How to Book Your Boudoir Photography Session with Min Xu

How to Book Your Boudoir Photography Session with Min Xu

Boudoir photography is a work of art that features the human body and a person’s sensuality through photography. People from different corners of the world have booked boudoir photography sessions for various reasons, though all for oneself. To get you started, here’s how to book your boudoir photography session with Min Xu, one of Australia’s best boudoir photographers.

The key to a successful boudoir photography session is trust on both the client’s end and the boudoir photographer’s. Let’s begin.


Send a DM via Social Media

Photography is by sending a message through some of her major social media accounts.

Cairns Boudoir Photography | Min Xu Photography

One thing that Min Xu Photography aims to do is to continuously showcase and educate people about boudoir and social media is one of the major platforms for that.


To make things easier for you, below are the social media platforms of Min Xu Photography.


TikTok –

Instagram –

Facebook – Min Xu Photography – FNQ

Pinterest – @minxuphotography

Twitter – @minxufotography

Send a contact inquiry via the website

Female Photography

Another approach, you can head directly to the Min Xu Photography website and fill out a simple contact form.

While you’re at it, you may also want to browse through the website and know more about the package and what you get when you book a boudoir photography session with Min Xu. Not to worry though as we’ll discuss this anyway in the process. 


Why wait? Let’s get started and check out the website by clicking the link.

Send Min Xu an email

Lastly, booking your boudoir photography session through email is a great option for those who want to directly communicate with Min Xu and discuss your boudoir questions and inquiries.

Feel free to send pegs and styles that you are curious about or maybe even give us a background as to why you want to book this boudoir session.

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Now that you know how and where to book your boudoir photography session with Min Xu, you may be wondering what can happen in your shoot. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect during your boudoir photography session.

Preparation for the Boudoir Photo Session

Leading up to the session, self-care is important in order to feel confident and comfortable during the shoot. We suggest scheduling a trip to the salon, having your nails done, or whatever pampering you feel like doing. The important thing is, you feel good about yourself before the boudoir photography session begins.

You can also bring several outfit options to the session, including lingerie or other items that make you feel sexy and confident.

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu

Enjoying the Boudoir Photo Session

Throughout your boudoir photography session with Min Xu, you will be guided and glammed from head to toe. No need to fuss about how you look when you pose or when you smile, we’ll guide you through it all.

Take a moment to breathe, relax, and have fun with your professional boudoir photographer. Your boudoir session is all about celebrating your body and feeling confident in your own skin. Relax and let your inner model break-free & just have a blast!

Gold Coast – Boudoir Photographer – Min Xu Photography

Review and Select Images

After the session, your professional boudoir photographer in Australia will provide you with a selection of images to review and select from. Feel free to take your time in selecting the images that you feel most beautiful in. Warning-it’s going to be a difficult process picking the best photos once the boudoir session is done.

lingerie photographer

Enjoy Your Images

After finalizing the images you have selected, it is time to transform them into reality. It depends on your preferences but it includes albums, prints, or something to hang on your bedroom wall. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for you, so be proud of yourself and enjoy the art you created!

Final Thoughts

Boudoir photography is a powerful tool to empower oneself and to see yourself in a whole new light. So don’t just sit around waiting for the right time to book a boudoir session for yourself. If you keep pushing it back, chances are you probably never will.

Decide whether you’ll send a DM on social media, a message through our website or send an email so you can begin your boudoir journey with Min Xu Photography.


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