UNMASKED: Why Did I Choose to Become a Boudoir Photographer?


Sensual Boudoir Photography

With digital cameras and photo editing software being easily accessible, anyone can aspire to become a photographer but not everyone can be successful in pursuing this career path.

About Boudoir

It is a profession that entails privilege because you get to interact with different people with different stories. 

Photographers use their skills to creatively capture an array of subjects, in my case, I found my passion as a photographer in boudoir.

It is an avenue to express yourself, share your perspective, gravitate toward strong emotions and tell a story through your creative approach. In my experience, I was lucky to have tried a boudoir photoshoot for myself and what I felt that day was very powerful. I was empowered and inspired. It was a stepping stone to loving myself and accepting what and who I am as a person.

Min Xu: Boudoir Photographer

About Me

Where I grew up, society always kept a close eye and criticized women for how they looked and how they style themselves.

I grew up being told to put on better clothes and wear makeup to make me look more attractive. I became tired of their judgments and I decided to leave that toxic place.


Just like any woman, my journey to loving myself was never easy but I can say that it is all worth it because I am worth it. I am confident enough to share my story and hopefully inspire more women.

Boudoir Photos by Min Xu

I saw that a lot of other people, and not just women suffer the same fate and still go through the piercing and judgemental eye of people in society. 

The standards that have been brought up by generations before us make it tougher and more constricting for people who may not think the same way or feel the same way. I’ll go ahead and say this now…not meeting society’s standards is completely fine. It’s their problem, not yours. In fact, it should not even be a problem in the first place.

Boudoir Cairns

About Me & Boudoir

I decided to specialize in Boudoir Photography as it aligns with my advocacy of encouraging women into speaking with their own voices and making choices of their own without the thoughts and fear of judgement from society. 

So far, it is the best decision I have ever made.

I get to do what I love while staying true to my advocacy and values of women empowerment and body positivity.
Along the way, I learned to love my body and to be 101% confident… and that is what I want to impart to every woman and every person that I encounter.

Lingerie Boudoir Photography

Being a woman myself, I understood my client’s concerns, struggles, and worries but I also saw their willingness and their strength to push through with the photoshoot because it means something to them that not everybody can understand, but I do. 

Imagine only wearing undergarments while some random stranger takes photos of you? That takes some real courage especially and a deep reason why you felt the need to see yourself in a boudoir photo. Some people may find it absurd, but for people who understand it, it’s more than what mere words can say.

Forest Inspired Boudoir ShootAs a boudoir photographer in Australia, I am very happy and pleased to be there with my clients: guiding them, directing them and becoming a part of their journey into loving themselves even more. I am so proud of each and every one of them for finding themselves and being comfortable with their bodies.

I saw how they transformed into a confident woman. From posting their photos rarely to spamming their social media accounts with their beautiful photos, it really is a moving experience. Becoming a professional photographer specializing in Boudoir Photography is really a privilege.


Boudoir Photo Shoot

In this profession, not only do I get to pursue my passion but I also get to empower a lot of women who felt unimportant and unseen at some point and to eventually see them happy and satisfied with their own bodies is the real prize of all this.

Boudoir Photography Plus Size | Min Xu Photography

I take pride in what I do. How I help women forget about the judgments, and focus only on guiding them on how to love themselves, some people may not understand. However, my clients do and it is something you don’t even have to ask them…you already see it in their faces the moment they see their beautifully taken boudoir photos. 

Cairns Boudoir Photograpy

I am Min Xu, an empowered woman who advocates body positivity for all women.

I am a proud Boudoir Photographer in Australia and this is my story.

Pave the way to loving yourself and book your own boudoir photoshoot in Australia now.


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