6 Occasions to Do a Boudoir Shoot

6 Occasions to Do a Boudoir Shoot

Whether it’s your first or tenth time hearing about Boudoir, the butterflies, thrill, and excitement almost never go away. It’s when love, sensuality, and feminism are felt and seen, wrapped up in one photo. We either find reasons why we should boudoir or boudoir simply finds us. Here are 5 occasions to do a boudoir shoot that you might want to consider.

We all celebrate occasions differently. Some like to go to parties, and some love going on a road trip or a staycation, but what about doing something that does more for you than just giving you a good time? An experience that can make you love yourself tenfold and make you feel like a better version of yourself, one that can change your life forever.

1. Birthday

Celebrate life with one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself! A  birthday can be a symbol of change but most of all, a celebration of life. There’s so much that happens in a person’s life as each year passes. By the end of the day, you should always choose to celebrate life and celebrate yourself. Your birthday is your special day and it’s enough reason to book a Boudoir Photography session and feel like the star you are.

2. Anniversary

Romantic dinners, beautiful gifts, or fancy cruises aren’t the only ways to celebrate an anniversary. Booking a couple boudoir photography session may just be what you need for the occasion. As an anniversary gift, capture the heat, love and passion that you both share. In some cases, boudoir could be the perfect anniversary gift to rekindle the love and reignite the fire in the relationship. 

3. Valentine's Day

If you’re through with the typical chocolates and flowers gift combo on Valentine’s day for your partner, how about something different? Book a boudoir photo shoot and prepare a boudoir album for your partner for the month of love. Aside from preparing for a steamy night with your significant other on Valentine’s day, how about giving him or her a little tease?  Prior to this special day, book a boudoir shoot for yourself and show off your sexy and sensual self. Your partner won’t expect it but for sure, he or she will love it more than anything because it’s YOU. 

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4. Weddings & Nuptials

Aside from Valentine’s day, a boudoir photo album is one of the most special and intimate gifts that you can give to your partner before your wedding. Give your fiancé a preview of your honeymoon through an elegant boudoir photo album taken by a professional boudoir photographer. Other than a wedding present, you can also do a different take on pre-nuptial photos. Here’s the chance to see yourself as a sexy bride or a hot groom.

5. Mother's Day

Celebrate motherhood by arranging a boudoir photo shoot to inspire you to love your body. Mothers always put the needs of others before themselves and barely have “me times”. Over the years, mums tend to put their time and energy towards their families but forget to take care of themselves. It’s not uncommon that through the beautiful journey of becoming a mother, these women forget that they are beautiful, sexy and confident. A boudoir photography session may just be what you need to get things going again & see yourself the way you used to. 


6. Maternity

When you are already a couple of months pregnant or even during the latter parts of your pregnancy, you may feel that you are no longer the sexy woman that you are. This can be one of the reasons why a boudoir photo session is for you. On the other hand, a boudoir photoshoot is also an alternative to the typical maternity photoshoots normally done. This type of maternity photoshoot is perfect if you want to capture the absolute glory of being a woman. To carry and create life inside you is truly one of the magical things in this world and to capture that in the light of boudoir is truly spectacular. 

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What's Your Reason?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday or you are just feeling yourself today, a Boudoir Photography session is meant to let you appreciate and celebrate your body, looks, and basically, YOU.

There are many occasions to do a boudoir photoshoot but who says you can’t do it on a regular day just because you feel like it. If I were you, I’d stop waiting for the occasion to do it and just book right away. If you keep waiting for the right time, chances are, you may never get the chance to. Don’t miss out on opportunities that can make you a happier and better version of yourself.

Lock in your shoot for 2023! 


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