How Cairns Boudoir Photography Empowers Women

People who decide to have Cairns boudoir photoshoots taken have different stories, different reasons and different goals. Some choose to do it to feel sexy again, some do it to feel stronger, while some do it to gain that confidence they’ve been searching for. 

For Marcia, it is to get her power back and to remind herself of who she really is. Marcia is a daughter, mother, friend, grandmother and most importantly a woman. After experiencing heartbreak, she felt that her power was taken away from her and so she decided to step out of her comfort zone and do the thing that she has always wanted to do— to experience a Carins boudoir photoshoot.

“I can say that I am beautiful but to see these photos, wow I am actually beautiful!”

Boudoir Photography by Min Xu

It is easy to say to ourselves that we are beautiful but sometimes, fear and doubts make it hard for us to believe that we are gorgeous. Cairns Boudoir Photography helped Marcia to believe in herself and to see that beauty that she has forgotten in a long time. For her, Cairns boudoir photography has captured what her heart wanted — to capture her power. 

Marcia admitted that it was hard for her to acknowledge that she is beautiful, but after seeing her Cairns boudoir photos, all her doubts were gone and she was captivated to see her beauty which gave her a lot of confidence. 

“There was a lot of self-doubt but once I got here and I felt that as soon as the shoot went on, I gained more confidence and you can see it in the photos as well.”

black and white boudoir

Just like other people, Marcia had her own hesitation, doubts, and fears even before the day of her boudoir photoshoot. “I didn’t know if I could do this”, she thought. There was a lot of self-doubt because Cairns boudoir is something she hasn’t experienced before but after the shoot, she was overflowing with confidence. 

“It was a different feeling I haven’t had in a long time. I did have some doubts but by the end of the shoot, it was all gone”

black and white boudoir photography

Sometimes, because we’ve gotten used to looking at ourselves through a mirror, we become too hard on ourselves and judge our bodies so easily. We zero in on the flaws, what we don’t like, what we want to change and what we wish could be. 

It sometimes gets to a point where we hide our true selves because we are afraid to get the same judgment we give ourselves from other people. Marcia said that she didn’t know how to be comfortable and open for the shoot, but at the end of the shoot, she felt confident and beautiful, as if it’s something she was meant to do.

Boudoir photography is for everybody regardless of age and size. People do this for themselves and no one else. It is a great way to help you accept and appreciate your own body but of course you would not feel it right away until you experience it. Marcia’s main concern was her weight and she was unsure of how it would turn out because of it. However, like what I always say, you do not have to worry about these things once you have a professional Cairns boudoir photographer with who understands you and will work with you every step of the w

“I didn’t expect to be walking around half-naked in somebody else’s house, but that’s how comfortable I felt.”

A lot of women who want to experience Cairns boudoir are hesitant because they do not know how to feel comfortable and honest with themselves, especially in front of a Cairns boudoir photographer, just like what Marcia said, “You do not know until you get there”. Cairns boudoir photography is a safe space that accepts and celebrates YOU, no ifs and or buts. 

Marcia wants to share her story, especially to women who are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot but are hesitating. She wants to empower and inspire other women by reminding them of who they are the same way that she was reminded. 

Break free from your fears and just do it! Book a Cairns boudoir photo shoot for yourself! 


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