Best Boudoir Posing Tips to Try Out

It is time to show your gorgeous body through a personalized boudoir photo session of your own! Not yet sure if you should do one professionally? You can try these boudoir posing tips at home!


In boudoir photography, it is important to show your vulnerability and fragile self to know your inner self better. Remember, opening yourself up is not a sign of weakness, but of courage.

Lighting, angles, background and of course, your poses will affect the overall quality of your boudoir photos and even the feeling that you get when you look at them. When it is your first time doing boudoir photography, you might feel stuck or uncomfortable because you do not know what to do next. Preparing and trying different poses will give you ideas on how you can express yourself. 

We all deserve to feel empowered and beautiful and once you’ve practised the posing tips I am going to share with you, you will have more confidence to be comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. 

Whether you are doing a DIY boudoir shoot at home or if you are working with a professional boudoir photographer, here are some tips that you can use to slay that boudoir photo!

Boudoir posing tips: Relax your body

Boudoir photography celebrates your body, life and existence! Nothing is more beautiful in boudoir photographs than a person who shows confidence. Before anything else, remember to take the time to pause, breathe, be calm and ready. Your poses should feel natural and not stiff looking. Stop thinking of how you look or how people will see you, instead, relax and just go with the flow! Nothing ruins a boudoir photo than a person who is not at ease with what he or she is doing.

In relation to this, before you start your photo shoot, make sure that you are 100% ready and committed to the boudoir shoot. It is still okay to feel scared, but what’s important is that you are ready to accept and embrace who you are. Reflect on why you are doing this and JUST DO IT!

Boudoir posing tips: Highlight your curves and favorite body parts

You might be thinking, “I do not have curves” but you are absolutely wrong! You can always show curves and look drop-dead gorgeous. Sometimes, all it takes is the right angle and camera tricks, plus a few lighting tricks. Try to see it for yourself by taking a selfie: straighten up your back, lean your upper body forward, and slightly bend either your right or left leg on the side. See the difference that makes?

I know that some may not be really confident with their hips or chest or other parts of their body. When you are struggling with thinking about the parts of your body that you don’t want to accentuate, you can always focus on the other parts of your body that you feel confident enough to capture. Better yet, look at the parts of your body that you feel are your “flaws” and find a way to love it. After doing that, I doubt you’ll still see that as a flaw. Slowly but surely, with this process, you will eventually accept the WHOLE you!   

Boudoir posing tips: Style & Play with your hair

Even during our regular OOTDs, how you style and wear your hair makes or breaks a look! Imagine having snatched makeup but your hair is frizzy, flat and dry, it doesn’t look so nice right?

It makes a huge difference when your hair is sexy too during your boudoir. Ever heard of the phrase “ your hair is your crowning glory”? Think of that before you take another DIY boudoir shoot or before your next boudoir session. Having nicely styled hair, or at least having hair that looks healthy and easy to comb through helps in adding a bit of emotion to your boudoir photos. Sometimes, simply running your fingers through your hair already makes a photo 10x sexier and better!

You don’t have to have quaffed hair, or have a professional brazilian blowout done. Just make sure you can work it during a boudoir shoot. 

Boudoir posing tips: Know where to position your hands

Your hand positions help your photos to look more natural and comfortable. From the angle of your wrist to the tip of your fingers, every detail matters. When your hands are stiff or in an awkward position, it will show in your boudoir photographs. When you know how and where to position your hands in a boudoir shoot, you can create illusions, add a bit of sensuality and basically communicate other emotions that you want to convey in your boudoir photos.

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