Boudoir Photography in Sydney

Boudoir Photography in Sydney

Boudoir Photography is not meant for anyone else but you, unless you wish it to be. In these cases, you may want to do it as a gift for a significant other. But in my experience I’ve observed that boudoir photography is mainly for YOU. A lot of people book a boudoir photoshoot in Sydney to celebrate themselves, their body and their life.

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Read more about the opportunity to celebrate yourself with this boudoir experience in Sydney.

Anna booked a Sydney boudoir photo shoot as a 25th birthday present to herself. Her boudoir photo shoot date was exactly 1.5 years after becoming a mum, and she was about to start her own journey of self love.

A lot of women lose themselves after having children because by the time a woman becomes a mother, the children come first. Aside from the major changes that happen to a woman’s body, a mom tends to forget herself because the baby is her number one priority.

After giving birth, most women don’t feel confident and sexy anymore. Anna certainly fits into this category as with thousands of other women.

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Anna was EXTREMELY critical of herself, her body, her parenting, her creative work, her cooking…everything. This made her constantly doubt herself and come across as a very quiet and nervous person because she didn’t want to mess anything up.

She felt that her body was totally disproportionate. She told me: “I carry most of my weight in my tummy due to a hormonal condition but I have quite a small (and asymmetrical) chest in comparison. I’m quite insecure about these areas but I would love to embrace them more.

I wanted to prove to her that she’s beautiful and she’s worthy of the love that she can give to herself and what other people have to offer her as well. I wanted her to learn to love her own body, appreciate and be proud of it.

After the shoot, I scrolled through the photos on the back of my camera. She was blown away. I am so happy to see her transformation.

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We often find ourselves struggling to see a beautiful and special person when we look through a mirror. The world has built so many norms and standards that are “to be followed”.  We are told what is beautiful and what is not. Most of the time, we see ourselves and think that there is something wrong. However, when you find someone that will show you how beautiful you are, you’ll feel that all along, that is just what you needed. This can be a friend, a romantic partner, your spouse, but it can also be a boudoir photographer.

Take a few steps closer towards loving the skin and body that you are in. Every shoot is different, and each one is special. Lock in your 2023 boudoir shoot now.


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